Why Do People Fight? 10 Reasons That You Should Know

why do people fight

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Why Do People Fight?

Fighting, or arguing with others, or with someone important to you, such as friends, coworkers, family, or others, is never fun, and no one wants to do it because they know it will hurt them in some way. It will make you unhappy or overwhelmed for days on end, and most importantly, many times you will not achieve the goal for which you were fighting or arguing.

We all know that fighting isn’t anything to be proud of, but what drives us to fight, what triggers us to fight, what drives us to the point of the fight, because we know that fights will undoubtedly make us miserable, but still why do we do it, why do we fight, why do people fight?

To answer the question of why people fight, there are several explanations, all of which are very simple:

1. Why Do People Fight – They Feel Threatened

One of the reasons for the fight is that if people’s lives or livelihoods are threatened, they choose to defend them and fight for them.

Normally, people choose peace, but when their lives or those of their loved ones are threatened, they want to stand up for them.

2. Why Do People Fight – They are not Ready to Accept

The fact that “WE ALL ARE NOT READY TO ACCEPT” is another major reason for the conflict. We are not ready to accept everything that has to do with us; we are not ready to accept our faults, errors, and wrongdoings, and when anyone makes us know it, we either protest or fight.

For example, I have seen many people fighting in local trains because they are not ready to apologize for their mistakes. People generally blame it on their pride, which never allows them to accept.

3. Why Do People Fight – Ignorance

Ignorance and narrow-mindedness are another reason. People nowadays are not willing to listen to others with an open mind; they still choose their own viewpoints over others’; they don’t even respect others’ opinions, and they are unable to comprehend others’ perspectives.

For example, I’ve seen many people battling or arguing on social media because they are unwilling to acknowledge other people’s views; they want others to consider theirs, but they are unwilling to consider other people’s opinions, thinking, or perceptions.

As a consequence, don’t argue about things in which you have only a passing knowledge, because people with complete knowledge are typically wise and choose to listen to others as well, because they believe that everyone in the world knows something you don’t, so ignorant people choose to fight, while wise people choose to learn and understand.

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4. Why Do People Fight – The Attitude of being always Right

People who are more self-compassionate are generally less compassionate about others, and this “always correct” attitude gives them a sort of, they always think they are correct and others who have argued or fought with them are wrong.

Usually, they are selfish people, they do or say anything that demonstrates something wrong to others because they feel deep within their hearts that they always do the right thing and see stories only from their own side, never analyses the story from two perspectives, they feel that they have gone through a whole host, and these beliefs never make them feel guilty and compromise.

5. Why Do People Fight – Busy Life

Busy frustrated life also leads to fights. People live so busy and frustrated lives that they are irritated by anything, and they can be irritated even with the slightest rush, which is the biggest reason for the enormous fight.

6. Why Do People Fight -Emotional Disbalance

There are very sensitive people, they are hurt because of every small thing, people who have no control over their feelings, they take everything personally and turn every little thing into big and bad arguments, so only then can you understand others’ points and opinions clearly, are you able to learn to control your own emotions.

7. Why Do People Fight – Short Tempered

There are a lot of short-tempered people and the reason behind this is sleep failure, stress, family problems, problems in finance, or talk of some sort that can lead them.

Therefore, a person with a short-time problem needs to work on them, because strangers who are not struggling with them should thus understand and control their anger and emotions.

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8. Why Do People Fight – Showing Power to Seek Respect

We choose to argue when we feel insulted when we criticize someone, or we choose to fight if most people choose to say things that hurt others more, instead of being motivated. Some criticize because they want to show their power and to respond to this critique because they want respect, any way conflicts happen.

Here, therefore, it would be necessary for both people to understand that power and respect are demonstrated and applied through hard work, manner, behavior and love, criticism or argument, and that they will not respect power.

9. Why Do People Fight – Compromising

People are not ready e to compromise or listen to other opinions. They are not ready to understand others’ points as well, people usually argue, and when they argue it leads to a fight. They then tend to make full use of their energy to win over the person they fight with.

10. Why Do People Fight – Explaining Things in an Unconventional Way

Another reason why people are fighting or can turn a conversation into a heated debate is that they say stuff in a matter which doesn’t sound right for the person who’s hearing it.

For example, in a serious situation you can’t joke, you can’t say things rudely; even the best things you say rudely might be the reason for a fight or a heated argument.

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If you’re looking for something that will free you from anger and help you in achieving your goals then I do recommend reading The Anger Trap: Free Yourself from the Frustrations that Sabotage Your Life

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